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Snappy Trainer. Training Device.

The Snappy Trainer is an effective training device, often used in multiples to correct a large variety of unwanted behaviors. It's patented mousetrap-like device designed with a large flap or paddle that, when tripped, snaps shut, leaps into the air and makes a slapping noise frightening the pet committing the undesireable behavior. It's quick snapping action is designed to startle, not harm, is safe for puppies, cats and is effective even for large breeds of dogs. The Snappy Trainer corrects the pet at the exact moment he misbehaves which is the most effective time to correct undesired behavior. It is safe because it does not trap a pet's nose or paw. There is no risk of the pet being trapped or injured by the device. The Snappy Trainer effectively stops your pet from getting into the trash, jumping on furniture, beds or counter tops, digging and other destructive behaviors.

Some people use the Snapper Trainer to scare off garden varmints. When the Snappy Trainer is used outside the metal on mouse trap can rust over a period of time.

Each package contains two (2) Snappy Trainers for $9.95.


Snappy Trainer. Training Device 1855$9.95